Tom Gryn's Homespace

January 2011: This page is mostly obsolete, as I do most of my online writing on LJ and Facebook now (see below).

Some of my favorite web pages are:

* my Internet Resources for Demographers home page

* News: CNN The Christian Science Monitor BBC NPR ABC News MEMRI

* Sports: ESPN CNNSI CBS Sportsline USA Today Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

* *Online comics: Day by Day , Funky Winkerbean , For Better or For Worse , User Friendly , Schlock Mercenary , and Copper

* Neat people on the Net: Donna Gryn nee Fairhurst, my LJ friends list, Liralen Li, Erik Neilsen (the BFG)

* Some of my favorite online blogs: Winds of Change.NET, Waiter Rant, PostSecret, Michael Totten, StrategyPage, and Bloglines

* * Webcams: WA mountain passes , Loch Ness , Mt. St. Helens , Monterey Bay Aquarium , Kennedy Space Center , Penn State , Signapore , Camzone , Earthcam , MyFoxLA LAX

* * Foreign Languages for Travelers homepage; includes audio samples!Also try the Babelfish and SYSTRAN online language translators. Poltran Polish-English translator

* * Food: Polish recipe collection, a few Persian recipes, EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, and the Callahan's Cookbook

*Charities and organizations well worth contributing to or joining:

* Here are some online businesses I think are interesting:

*A grab-bag of good stuff:

Some of my favorite radio & TV programs are: Echoes Hearts of Space NOVA Frontline


* My Other Places in Webspace

* E-Mail: