Images and Sounds

A few images and sounds I've collected or created from scratch.

Twin Peaks sounds page
Babylon 5, Londo: "Ah, arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficent of you." (49k)
Babylon 5, Londo: "I've tried to help you. You refuse to listen. There you are." (58k)
Babylon 5, Londo: "No, this is foolish!" (49k)
Babylon 5, Londo: "But in purple, I am stunning!" (130k)
*Wiseguy, Kevin Spacey: "The idle rich are hard to entertain." (211k)
*Wiseguy, Kevin Spacey: "Why, there is still power in this shaman..." (266k)
*Wiseguy, Kevin Spacey: "Unknown forces rule more absolutely than the truth." (398k)
*Mike Tyson: The famous "I want to eat his children" speech (213k)
*Dr. Hans Reinhardt, "The Black Hole": "Maximillian!"(91k)
*Dr. Hans Reinhardt, "The Black Hole": "The time has come to liquidate our guests."(415k)
*Dr. Hans Reinhardt, "The Black Hole": "Fire thrusters!"(164k)
*Dr. Hans Reinhardt, "The Black Hole": "Increase power to maximum - we are going through!"(546k)
"The Black Hole" alert/alarm sound(103k)
*Patrick McGahee/Count Iblis, Battlestar Galactica: "Those laws do not apply to me."(156k)
*Patrick McGahee/Count Iblis, Battlestar Galactica: "Do not fear, my friend. All is not lost."(64k)
* Battlestar Galactica, Baltar: "How can you change one side of a bargain?"
Imperious Leader: "When there is no other side. You have missed the entire point of the war."
*Tom Baker/Khora, "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad: "We shall not lack for protection, Akmed, we shall not lack for that."(341k)
*Airport, the Movie: "I say, let 'em crash!"(305k)
* Mr. Dark: "It's a thousand years to Christmas, Mr. Halloway." (from 'Something Wicked This Way Comes') (95k)
* Mr. Dark: "Those boys, they've seen too much. Hunt them down - and bring them back to me." (from 'Something Wicked This Way Comes') (339k)
I, Claudius - "I have learned to tread very carefully in a burning building." (64k)
I, Claudius - "What can a dead man do? Go and get buried." (68k)
Push, Nevada - "God laughs at those who plan." (32k)
Push, Nevada - "You like waffles, Jim?" (39k)
Push, Nevada - "Yeah. Sure. Whatever." (70k)
Conspiracy HBO movie - "Courts adjust." "As we all do. That is not the point."(285k)
Conspiracy HBO movie - "Where is this going?"(79k)
Conspiracy HBO movie - "I'm not arguing priority, but method and expediency!"(291k)
7th Voyage of Sinbad, genie - "I shall try, oh Master, I shall try."(68k)
Pulp Fiction, Harvey Keitel (Mr. Wolf) - "I'm Winston Wolf. I solve problems."(62k)
Pulp Fiction, Harvey Keitel (Mr. Wolf) - "If my help's not appreciated, lots of luck gentlemen!"(80k)
Deep Space 9, Weyoun - "Please, tell me you're not that naive."(88k)
Vanya on 42nd St., Uncle Vanya (Wallace Shawn) - "Let them go where they're going to."(185k)
Lord of Illusions, Vinovich - "I can reproduce any miracle that has ever been performed...with a little preparation."(136k)
SmashTV arcade game - "Good luck! You'll NEED it!"(116k)
SmashTV arcade game - "Big Money! Big Prizes! I Love It!"(167k)
Blakes 7, Tarrant - "Thank you Clegg, I'm aware its not likely to bring instant promotion."(112k) new

Millennium series sounds
Old Man login: "The time is near." (20k)
Frank Black login: "Soylent Green is people." (31k)
Laura Means login: "Open the pod bay doors please, Hal." (53k)
Peter Watts login: "My god, it's full of stars." (234k)
Peter: "This is who we are." (27k)
Peter: "This is not who we are." (32k)
Old Man: "I have seen the end of the world." (130k)
Millennium new email sound (90k)
Owl with ouroborus background

Sounds from the Sega video game "The Ocean Hunter"
Ocean Hunter Boss/Mythology FAQ by Thanos6

"Baroque Sea - Kraken" (140k)
"Kraken" (30k)
"White Death" (28k)
"Luna Sea - Leviathan" (126k)
"Leviathan" (29k)
"Tartaris Deep - Charybdis" (129k)
"Charybdis" (31k)
"Scylla" (17k)
"Texcoco Great Lake - Ahuizotl"(140k)
"North Sea - Karkinos"(122k)
"Help! They're trying to get into my body!" (61k)
"West Ocean - Midgardsorm" (127k)
"Midgardsorm" (32k)
"Panthalassa - Rahab"(122k)
Closing screens: Rahab's story:

Typewriter Sounds

These are sounds extracted from the old Mac TappyType program. You can use them in conjunction with other programs, such as Windows' Noisy Keyboard, to emulate the sound of a typewriter as you type on your computer.
* Return sound
* Keypunch sound
* Space/Tab sound

Some useful emoticons I've collected over time.

* * * * * * *

Before Dark backgrounds for Windows

These are Windows backgrounds that I converted across from the old Mac program BeforeDark. Some are in BMP format, others in GIF & will need to be converted to BMP. Most are to be used in the "tile" format.
Thumbnail of all images
Bathroom Tiles , Blue Balls , Blue Globes , Chess , Egghead , Fiery Globe ,
Jupiter , Legal Pad , Psuedo DNA , Puddy Slate , Purple Slate , Rainbow ,
Sand Storm , Shadow Spheres , Shower Tile , Staggered Bats , Staggered Bats II ,
Static Pads , Stationary Stone , Wood Panel

Cheap Tricks for Paint Shop Pro

Rick Collins (aka Elwin Ransom aka Delevan) used to host a page called "Cheap Tricks for Paint Shop Pro" at . The pages were originally written for PSP 4.12, but most of the tips still work even with the most recent versions of PSP, after some tweaking. Unfortunately, Rick's pages disappeared sometime in 2001, and even the Internet Archive's backups of the site are extremely limited, with most of the actual tutorials either not saved or scattered across different saves. I've tried to contact Rick, with no success; as far as I can tell, he disappeared from the Internet in early 2003, leaving behind an incomplete skeleton of a revised website. In any case, here's the scans I've made of the tips from Rick's Cheap Tricks for PSP. Unfortunately the copies I have are all in black-and-white, but that's the best I can do. If you really need to see an example in color, try looking around the saved files for his old site on the Internet Archive. Here's the tutorials that are covered in this document: Cheap Fire; Cheap Mercury/Cheap Pewter; Cheap Ice; Cheap Chrome; Cheap Wood; Cheap Silver/Cheap Gold; Cheap Glow; Cheap Buttons and Bars.

Cheap Tricks for Paint Shop Pro 4_12.pdf (1.4 MB)


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