Philadelphia Eagles Out-Of-Town-Fan FAQ

Note: I am no longer updating this page, but will leave it up for archival purposes.


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1.) What is the purpose of this FAQ?

This "Frequently Asked Questions" list is designed to answer some questions often asked by Philadelphia Eagles fans who are out of the Philadelphia area, for example how to keep up with Eagles' news & happenings.

2.) Is there an email mailing list? If so, how do I get on it?

Yes, there are quite a few active Eagles mailing lists. One that I've been a member of for years is the Eagles Virtual Fan Club. You can find many others by searching on Yahoo Groups

3.) What are some good Eagles info sources on the World Wide Web?

Here is a sample of what's available:

* Eaglesnet (the Eagles official site) (

- Has press releases, updated injury reports, a regular column by Eagles Digest editor Dave Spadaro, depth charts, a "Where are they now?" section, and more. Much improved since their initial efforts. Has online clips from training camp, press conference audio, etc.

* Ben Trumbore's Eagles site (

- As comprehensive a collection of Eagles' links as you're likely to find. The site also has a link collection of sites selling Eagles merchandise, and much more.

* (the NFL's official site) (
- Has multimedia movies and sounds, play-by-play game clock ticker, chats with players, more.

*ESPNET Sportszone (
- Up-to-date information on what's going on around the NFL. Another source is the Sporting News ( and CNNSI (

* maintains an updated feed of ongoing Eagles news as it happens. If you prefer your news delivered with opinion, try Garry Cobb's website NEW

*Ross Smith's Eagles page (
- Ross maintains an updated roster, and also provides detailed commentary and statistical information on the team.

*John Russ's Cyberdelphia Homepage (
- Cyberdelphia is a unique source of Philadelphia-related items, such as where to find cheesesteaks in your area, etc.

There are many others, but these should get you pointed in the right direction.


4.) Is there a USENET group for talking about the Eagles?

Yes: If you want a basic introduction to USENET, you may want to visit Wikipedia's USENET entry ( You may also wish to visit the Eagles bulletin boards at, , KFFL, concretefield, and the boards at the Eagles' official site (

5.) Can I listen to the Eagles' games on the Internet via RealAudio?

Yes - but they're no longer free. If you want to pay, you can find the broadcasts at; select the game you want to listen to in their Game Center, and there will be a link there to sign up for the NFL Field Pass service. The Game Center page will also give you the Sirius Network channel of the game broadcast if you have Sirius.

Other possibilities to try are WYSP (, WDEL (, WAEM (, WMGM (, and WBCB; all carry the Eagles' games live on radio. Note that even if the game is being carried on radio, the stations may not carry the game online due to licensing restrictions.

6.) Can I listen to WIP via the Internet?

Yes. WIP has a WWW site at Click on their live feed link to listen to programs live.

Another local sports station in Philly which streams their programming online is SportsTalk 950 AM and also 1290 WWTX "The Ticket"

One alternative for those in Southern California might be 1090 AM in San Diego; one of their afternoon hosts, Bill Werndl, is from Philly, and still has some contacts from the area who he uses. 1090 does stream its feed online.

Note that Merrill Reese, the "Voice of the Eagles," has a weekly radio show "Pro Football Report" which is broadcast on WBCB-AM Thursdays from 6-7 PM during the season, with player interviews and other news. You can listen live via the Internet. Check the website for offseason broadcast times.

7.) Where can I get Eagles merchandise (t-shirt, hats, etc.)?

Online, a good starting place is Ben Trumbore's collection of Eagles merchandise links ( You can also call the Eagles' official merchandise store, and request a catalog, at 1-888-2-4-STUFF. If you visit training camp, there usually is a tent offering Eagles-related stuff onsite. This assumes that you don't have the opportunity to come into town for the games or have relations who live in the Philly area, since the easiest way to buy Eagles gear is to browse stores in Philadelphia & to buy items at the game. The Eagles official page now has an online store for Eagles merchandise. And, you can always try the online auction houses; two of the most popular are Ebay and Yahoo Auctions

8.) Where can I get video tapes of Eagles' games?

Not through any official sources; as those notices at the end of NFL game broadcasts state, it is illegal to rebroadcast, copy, etc. any NFL games, so a company trying to sell complete games would quickly find themselves involved in a lawsuit with the NFL. However, there are individuals who tape and trade games for personal use; the USENET group devoted to this is You can also try asking on the individual's teams USENET boards, and there are various WWW football message boards to try, too (see above). If you're interested in the yearly highlight tapes, you can contact NFL Films; they do special requests for tapes made since the company's inception (1970s), and sometimes before that, if the film is available. These tapes tend to be rather expensive, however ($50+). Their special order catalog is available online at . You can also contact NFL Films at:
NFL Films
330 Fellowship Rd
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054-1281
phone: (856)638-6843

Also, if your cable company carries ESPN Classic, the network sometimes runs past NFL highlight films. Check out their TV listings at  Also, the NFL Network runs old NFL Films features on a regular basis.

9.) Are there any non-Internet sources of Eagles info I might want to be aware of, like radio or newspapers?

It's probably a safe assumption that readers of this FAQ are sufficiently far away from Philadelphia to not be able to get the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News delivered to their doors. An excellent printed source of Eagles information is Dave Spadaro's Eagles Insider (formerly Eagles Digest) which comes out eight times a year. You can subscribe to it by calling the Eagles Store at 1-888-247-8833.  Other printed sources are Pro Football Weekly and the Sporting News, both of which are nationally distributed.

Radio: Philly's "all-sports" radio station, WIP 610 AM , doesn't have a very strong signal; going west, it tends to fade once you get into central Pennsylvania. If you live along the East Coast, there's bleed-in from other stations as you move away from Philly. However, WIP comes in along the Jersey shore fairly well. Competitors to WIP in Philly are SportsTalk 950 AM and WPHY 920 AM. Another Philly-area sports talk station is 1290 WWTX "The Ticket"

If you're interested just in "what happened with the Birds today," you might try KYW 1060 AM, Philly's all-news station. They have a fairly strong signal which makes it surprisingly far after sunset, sometimes even into the Midwest; their sports reports are at :15 and :45 after every hour. As of March 2005, KYW is now streaming their broadcast on the Internet! Check out their site for details; you'll need Windows Media Player to listen.

10.) I need to find out the satellite info for the game! Where can I find this?

This is usually more of a concern during the preseason, when the national feeds are sporatic and you often need to know local TV station's satellite feed numbers to pick up the game (or to give to the sportsbar satellite person). Your best avenue is to check the USENET newsgroups devoted to satellite TV before the game. A good bet is, or any of the* groups.

The Sports Network maintains a listing of the satellite feeds for upcoming sports events. For a direct link, try

Also, try the "game preview" section on for satellite positions.

As far as the regular season, probably the most straight- forward solution is to subscribe to DirectTV's Season Ticket, if your setup allows it. You get all the Sunday NFL games with that package. More info can be found at Note also that the NFL Network now carries all NFL preseason games, some live and some on tape-delay.

11.) Where can I find the phone number for other team's ticket offices? (i.e. for Eagles' away games)

Go to, and visit the other team's individual page. Hit the "Team Info" link, and the number to call for tickets should be there, as well as stadium layouts and seating charts.

12.) Are there any sportsbars in my area which regularly carry the Eagles' games?

Try perusing this list of sports bars which are likely to carry the Eagles' games ( Some of the entries on this are getting dated, but it should be a decent starting point.

You can also try asking around and searching at the "Eagles Fans Around the World" section of the boards at the official site. Also look at

13.) I'm thinking of visiting training camp. Can I do this? When is it? What are some good places in the immediate vicinity to stay?

Yes, in fact most of the practice sessions are open to the public. Training camp is held at Lehigh University near Allentown, PA. In the past there have been scrimmages with other teams, though there haven't been any during Andy Reid's tenure so far. Here's a short list of local hotels in the Lehigh area:


Quality Inn & Suites,1715 Plaza Lane Allentown, PA 18104 610-435-7880
Days Inn 2622 Lehigh St. 610-797-1234
Econolodge 2115 Downey Flake Lane 610-797-2200
Howard Johnson's 3220 Hamilton Blvd. 610-439-4000
Comfort Inn 3712 Hamilton Blvd. 1-800-654-2000
More at Google Maps

Hotel Bethlehem 437 Main St. 610-867-3711

14.) Can I get Philadelphia Comcast Sportsnet via satellite or cable?

If you are out of their broadcast area, no. As to why Comcast won't allow satellite companies like DirecTV and Echostar to broadcast their signal (including much Eagles coverage), it's a convoluted trail of events, but it basically comes down to the fact that Comcast is in competition with companies like DirecTV, and doesn't want to strengthen their competition's product by allowing them to broadcast Comcast's feed. Unfortunately, Comcast itself doesn't broadcast via satellite, in part because Sportsnet is distributed via microwave (a relic of the old PRISM cable system, which Comcast acquired). Comcast Phila. doesn't uplink to any satellite, period. Both DirecTV and Echostar lost FCC challenges to Comcast's decision, so this isn't likely to change anytime soon. If you want to contact Comcast, their homepage is at and


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